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Journal Club

Journal Clubs are held monthly to advance interdisciplinary communication and integrate knowledge between math and biology.

Year 01 | Center Investigators will present foundational literature in developmental biology and mathematical biology.

September 28, 2018 | Presented by Richard Carthew

  • Surface mechanics mediate pattern formation in the developing retina. Takashi Hayashi, and Richard W. Carthew. (2004) Nature. 431(7), 647-652.
  • The emergence of geometric order in proliferating metazoan epithelia. Matthew C. Gibson, Ankit B. Patel, Radhika Nagpal, and Norbert Perrimon. (2006) Nature. 442(31), 1038-1041.

October 26, 2018 | Presented by William Kath

  • On schemes of combinatorial transcription logic. Buchler, Nicolas E et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 100,9 (2003): 5136-41.
  • Dynamics in hybrid complex systems of switches and oscillators. Taylor, Dane et al. Chaos (Woodbury, N.Y.) vol. 23,3 (2013): 033142.

November 30, 2018 | Presented by Antonio (Tuca) Auffinger

  • The energy landscapes and motions of proteinsH Frauenfelder, S G Sligar, P G Wolynes. Science. 1991 Dec 13;254(5038):1598-603. PMID: 1749933
  •  The Loss Surfaces of Multilayer Networks. A Choromanska, M Hena, M Mathieu, G B Arous, Y LeCun. arXiv:1412.0233v3 [cs.LG] 21 Jan 2015.
  • Mutations of Bacteria from Virus Sensitivity to Virus Resistance. S E Luria, M Delbrück. Genetics. November 20, 1943 vol. 28 no. 6 491-511.
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