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#ShutDownAcademia #ShutDownSTEM June 10, 2020

#ShutDownAcademia #ShutDownSTEM

We express solidarity with the Black community and all people of color who are suffering by continued deliberate and systematic attacks on their lives, livelihoods, and peace. Violence in a civil society is unacceptable and no one should be targeted because of the color of their skin. This has to stop. Join us in condemning racism and white supremacy as intolerable in a country working to build social justice. In CQuB we value every single individual for their unique humanity and work.
CQuB will suspend all official meetings on June 10, 2020 and encourage all CQuB members (students, postdocs, faculty, and staff) to focus on caring for themselves and their communities and/or educating themselves on the issues of systemic racism plaguing our society for far too long.
We stand committed and united and we are actively pursuing ways to create a diverse, inclusive academic and professional environment.
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