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NSF-Simons Fellows Program

The NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology at Northwestern University is a place where mathematical scientists and developmental biologists intensely work together on a broad range of questions arising from investigations into the biology of animal development. The NSF-Simons Fellows Program, is an independent postdoctoral fellowship, which attracts early career scientists with diverse backgrounds and exceptional promise, is designed to enhance interaction and collaboration among participants in order to stimulate creative thinking and interdisciplinary science. The Center has the capacity for two NSF-Simons Fellows at a time.

NSF-Simons Fellows are people who will eventually be leaders in the interdisciplinary field combining mathematics and quantitative biology. Fellows are drawn from the ranks of recent Ph.D. graduates and conduct their independent research under the mentorship of the Center. The Center provides an exceptional and unique interdisciplinary environment and provides research funds for the appointment.

The scientific goals of the Center require new approaches to studying the growth and development of living organisms. To promote innovation and creativity, the Center uses the support from the Simons Foundation and the NSF to provide generous salary and research support for early career scientists at the beginning of their independent research careers. The intent of this program is to release these scientists from the requirement to raise their own grant support, and to encourage risk-taking in their research.

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